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We find diamonds in the rough in all 50 states of the United States. By analyzing over 50 homes per month, we are able to consistently acquire and add value to a select number of single family homes.

We conduct in depth research into each local market.

We work with local real estate agents who have experience managing small and large rehab jobs, and are motivated (and paid) by the resale of a property that is in turnkey condition.

Many of the properties we acquire are not in move-in condition, and are not financeable. Our work enables families to find move-in ready homes with as little as 5% down (with FHA loans).

Real estate is an extremely local market, but there are patterns that can be used throughout the nation to make a safe investment.

Our track record speaks for itself.

Our newest fund, developed for investors who seek stable returns with a semi-liquid investment. This fund pays a guaranteed annual interest of 10% per year, paid quarterly. The fund has very strict purchasing requirements that protect investors.

Some methods that are used to protect the interest of the investors:

Reserve Account – 10% of all funds raised are placed in a reserve account that is not invested.

Purchasing Requirements – Any new purchase must be for no more than 80% of the Market Value of the property. (Market Value measured by Broker Price Opinion or 3rd Party Licensed Appraisal)

Sources of Liquidity:

Fund profits

Sale of asset

Refinance of asset

New investor

Reserve account

The Cohen Benjamin strategy is to combine capital growth strategies with long term rental properties.

Minimum commitment is $25,000 and 1-year.

This is the ideal fund for anyone seeking to diversify their sources of income. Compared to the Profit Share Closed End Fund, the Fixed Income Open Ended fund offers significantly higher liquidity and more stable returns.

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